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>> welcome aboard, folks. it is finally monday, like gretch said a minute ago, tgif. thank goodness it's fox. thanks for joining us. we got three complete hours of newscasting that starts now. >> yeah, during rehearsal, it went well. hopefully it will go just as well during the live show. >> all right. breaking news overnight because this is happening in virginia. a woman has been executed for the first time in almost 100 years. theresa lewis was convicted in 2003 of plotting the murder of her husband and stepson. she apparently wanted their insurance money. she died by lethal injection. lewis' final words were for her stepdaughter. >> miss lewis did make a last statement. she said i just want kathy to know i love her. and i'm very sorry. >> protesters were outside the prison arguing that lewis was treated unfairly, apparently he was very close to the i.q. line where you're not supposed to get executed. police trying to figure out who killed a nicaraguan diplomat in
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his apartment in the bronx here in new york. he was found on the floor. his throat had been slashed. this just hours before he was scheduled to attend the u.n. general assembly. witnesses say there was a fight in the apartment the night before the murder. police believe he probably knew his killer. >> people filling sandbags now all across southern minnesota and western wisconsin. that's going to happen all day today because they've already gotten about five inches of rain. they expect more downpours today. more than 400 homes have been evacuated as floodwaters rise in the streets. wisconsin's national guard has been called out to help with the sandbagging. the 1952 hit, "if you should leave me" turned out to be buy graphical for singer eddie fisher. >> ♪ if you should leave me >> the 1950's crooner died at home in los angeles wednesday night. people close to him said he never recovered from the scandal
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surrounding his divorce from elizabeth taylor. before taylor, fisher was married to debbie reynolds and later to actress connie stevens. his four children include carrie fisher. he was 82 and died from complications of hip surgery. and those are your headlines. >> all right. let's talk a little bit about what's going on on capitol hill. how many times have we heard in the last couple of months the democrats say we're sticking up for the little guy, the middle class, we are going to deliver, before the election, we're going to have for you and extend those bush era tax cuts. we have good news and bad news. they still want to do it. that's the good news. the bad news is they're not going to do it before the elections. >> because they tonigdon't have votes. do they want to be on record before the midterm elections at being the party that raises taxes even if it's on the bad guys who in this case are the rich. >> you could look at it another way which is when they come back from the midterms then they'll
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be in a lame duck session and then maybe could some of the democrats who maybe were in favor of extending the tax cuts to everyone then realize that maybe they were reelected or their career is over in politics so they'll go back to not extending the bush tax cuts to everyone. you could look at it this way. >> seniors in college who have nothing to lose. >> it's an interesting proposition. here's another interesting point about it. possibly if the g.o.p. takes over the house or the senate, then they could wait until january and then the new members would be able to vote and control the outcome which then would be not a good idea that democrats held off on. >> especially if republicans pick up some seats. keep in mind, it's not just -- we're talking about -- by their inaction and in the lame duck session they don't do anything, what happens? well, income taxes go up but also taxes for -- on estates, capital gains, dividends, important corporate tax credits and relief from the alternative minimum tax also all go up.
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>> if they don't address in the lame duck session. here's the thing, if you are so proud and you are the party and the middle class and the rich have had too good for too long and that's what barack obama ran on in 2008 why wouldn't the democratic leadership have the courage to stand up and say here's what i believe. i'll take attendance. tell me what you think novemb november 2nd. why are they afraid of their own agenda? >> they don't want to draw a line in the tax code saying we're for helping these people but not those people and those people are the people that are small businessmen and they don't want to be seen attacking small business before an election in an economy that stinks as much as this one does. >> they're still delivering the party line. this came from harry reid's spokesperson. democrats believe we must permanently extend tax cuts for the middle class before they expire at the end of the year and we will, unfortunately to this point, we haven't received any cooperation from republicans to do so. they are continually blaming
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republicans. as we have reported for the last few weeks, there are 36 democrats that don't agree. >> they don't understand that. there was a morning show and afternoon show at the united nations and it's been a relatively annual deal now for the last couple of years. in the morning, the president of the united states speaks. president barack obama speaks about the world as he sees it and the challenges that we have and he addressed our iranian stand-off. there's a little problem. they're trying to make a nuclear weapon. we don't want them to. that's been the case for eight years. here's how the president -- here's how the president addressed the iranian stand-off. >> and the door remains open to diplomacy should iran choose to walk through it. iranian government should recognize a clear commitment and confirm to the world the peaceful intent of its nuclear program. >> with the door open, your floor, mr. ahmadinejad, the
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sweaty man with the members only jacket. >> so he set the table. the president made it clear our agenda. what is mr. ahmadinejad's agenda? to attack the united states and reveal the fact that mr. ahmadinejad is a truther! >> that some segments within the u.s. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the american economy and its grips on the middle east in order to save the zionist regime. >> fantastic. so the u.s. government was in on it. >> here's the problem. people in the u.s. knows he's a nut job, ok, they know he's a nut job. when they hear that stuff, they go here he goes again. the problem is that speech is seen around the world and what does that speech do to the rest of the muslim world. that's my concern about this whole thing, that he's allowed to come to this country and
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believe in our free speech rights and say that. i wonder how that affect people around the world. >> the u.s. delegation walked out but look at how many empty seats there were. by the end of his presentation, about half the chamber was empty. >> when are we going to understand that you cannot deal with these people? and he -- there's people to the right of that guy, ahmadinejad, 30 nations got up and left. they would have stayed. >> here's what robert gibbs said. president obama found the comments to be outrageous and offensive given how close we are to ground zero. 9/11 is an inside job. so do you understand that every day that goes by, iran wins? they're in a delay of game. they're in a four corners offense. and they don't mind we'll continue to say our hands are stretched out. let's go back to the table. we're thinking about it. 9/11 is an inside job. the longer we wait, the closer they get.
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and we have tparagraphs in the president's speech about iran. nothing about taking on north korea. a lot about the middle east be we don't even have the third party hamas in the talks which we shouldn't. they're a terrorist organization. where is the president identifying the real enemy? he has the world there represented, let them understand who the bad guys are and it has to be more than two paragraphs in his speech. >> what did robert gibbs say? he didn't like it because it was so close to ground zero. i did a map quest this morning. the united nations is 5.3 miles from ground zero. that mosque, 620 feet from the property line. if you're going to talk about proximity and how close it is. >> it doesn't matter where you say that statement, quite frankly. you could say that in des moines, iowa, and it would still be offensive. there really is no relationship. >> he has no problem with the mosque, 620 feet. but five miles, that's bad. >> can we talk about something less controversial? that's illegal immigration.
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is that possible? >> oh, brian, so early in the morning to get so controversial. but yesterday on this show, we reported as you may recall that the comedian and entertainer steven colbert would maybe go to capitol hill and yes be under oath and give testimony about illegal immigration. why you ask? because apparently he had the guy on the show to challenge him and work as a farmer because the allegation was the americans and legal immigrants were taking jobs away from americans. that has apparently made steven colbert an expert on immigration to go to capitol hill. they couldn't find anybody else on this entire topic. it had me enraged yesterday and i guess he poked fun at me. >> the idea that we're going to waste our taxpayer dollars to go on capitol hill and we're supposed to take that. >> i agree with gretchen. i am a huge waste of taxpayer
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dollars. there's my hotel, my meals and my cross country ski machine so i can cross country ski all the way there. all the which i'm paying for. congress is on the hook for my water, as much as i want, plus the electricity powering my microphone for a full five minutes of talk time. god only knows how many hospitals won't be built because of me. >> he still didn't answer the question about what makes him an effort to go up -- come on, guys, this is serious business. we have serious issues to tackle in this country right now. and we're going to have a comedian go up. i mean, thanks for promoting our show, by the way. we'll have a comedian go up on capitol hill. i don't get it. >> and apparently, according to the papers today, yesterday we heard he was going to be in character which is weird when you're under oath but now the papers are saying that apparently he's going to be serious about it which is really odd. there's so many people that
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watch comedy central and says that channel hammers the g.o.p. day in and day out. they say where's the balance? they go, we're just comedians. for a guy to go up to capitol hill and testify today not as a comedian but as a partisan, i think that's going to put to rest this notion that comedy central is just a joke machine. >> there's this blur in the line between what's real news and not. and a lot of people watch those shows. a lot of people watch those shows and actually, i hate to report, they think that that's the real news. >> i think he's going to testify pro amnesty because his whole point, there was only 14 people that took up the american farmer association's offer to go and work in the fields for them. he worked, he said, for 14 hours and he got what medical experts have called a blister. and he said, you know, he had to
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be rushed to the hospital but he's going to go out there and say these jobs need to be filled by illegal immigrants and he's going to do it as steven colbert, not as the president, i guess it would be colbert, congressman chavetz backs you up, gretchen, saying we haven't had on our subcommittee one substantive conversation about illegal immigration and they call as their first witness steven colbert. people are going to go around and ask for autographs and that's going to be the day. >> let's find out what he has it say. we'll be covering it here on fox. what do you think? do you think it's appropriate? e-mail us right now, friends at >> couldn't find anyone else. coming up, some supporters of president obama frustrated buzz they're not seeing the change they had hoped for but dick morris says the democrats can still win in november. he'll explain why next. >> then watch this. your tax dollars going up in smoke. bailed out auto workers getting drunk and stoned before building your cars. will the union save their jobs? could i get in my tahoe today with a clear conscious?
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>> my husband and i have joked for years we thought we were well beyond the hot dog and beans era of our lives but quite frankly it's starting to knock on our door and ring true, that might be where we're headed again. is this my new reality? >> that was the question posed by velma hart this past week and now she's the new voice of voter discontent. we're joined by dick morris. good morning to you. >> i personally like hot dog and beans. i don't want to have to eat them. >> exactly right. you want options. you don't want to have to have that and tuna casserole the rest
6:17 am
of your life. >> and grey poupon on my hot dog. >> listen to you, you elitist. >> what did you make of velma hart. she spoke from the heart and said i don't want to have to make those choices at the grocery store. i got kids going to college. is she the new joe the plumber? >> yeah, i think that she is. and it's a curious thing that i picked up this week. you would think people would be happy to learn that the recession is over, according to the experts. but in fact, the reaction is i could handle high unemployment and no growth and no wage hikes. when i thought it was a recession, we could get over a recession. but is this the new normal? like she asks, is this my new reality? and i think that a lot of people are very concerned that it is. and i wrote in my book "2010, take back america" that we're facing a risk of permanently high unemployment because of
6:18 am
obama's policies and i think velma really got right to it and it doesn't hurt that she's a top level black professional who voted for obama. >> and in fact, afterwards, dick, extraordinarily, she said she would vote for him again. some people question because i heard one commentator say that is, perhaps, the hardest question he has received while in office. they said, oh, she's got to be a plant. >> well, it's -- that's -- that's -- velma asked a great question but the fact that that's the hardest question he's ever been asked is a tribute to the washington press corps. >> that's a good point. all right, mr. morris, please standby. somebody off camera will bring you a cup of coffee as we take a quick time-out. after the break, we'll talk to dick about who stands a better chance in the midterms, republicans with the pledge to america or democrats with health care? and now no middle class tax cut. plus disaster at the air show. a plane loses power, crashes and
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>> welcome back, everyone. the homecoming delayed now for american astronaut tracy caldwell dyson and two russian cosmonauts on board the international space station. nasa says there's a problem undocking the ship. could be stuck for another day. lindsay lohan goes back to court after failing another drug test but no antics today. the judge has barred cameras from the courtroom. the judge will decide if lohan will actually return to jail this time. brian? >> it's been six months since health care reform was passed but a recent poll shows 61% of americans are in favor of repealing it. so if republicans are pushing for a repeal in their new pledge
6:23 am
to america and some dems shying away from the issue on the campaign trail, how will this impact the midterm elections? we're back with former clinton advisor and fox news contributor dick morris. your former boss bill clinton said he was wrong in saying after it passed it would be popular. what do you do if you're barack obama knowing he's not? >> president clinton didn't get it passed. he's not experienced that. >> that's true. >> look, the -- nobody is mentioning health care reform out on the trail except the republicans who want to repeal it and the democrats who voted against it who are dumping on it. there's nobody, not one single democratic ad by a candidate that says vote for me, i voted for health care. you know, i was just -- let me give you an example of what's happening out there. i went to mississippi a couple of months ago and i was campaigning for a guy who is running against a freshman democrat, guy in the republicans
6:24 am
who is going to win but the questions there, i said what about gene taylor, the incumbent democrat on the coast. everybody said taylor, he can't lose. he's been in for 22 years and nobody has ever gotten more than 40% of the vote against him. i just found out that the guy who is challenging taylor is behind by only 45-41. probably going to beat taylor. i mean, the democrats are like a row boat in a tsunami. >> but dick, a lot of people are also going to feel the first effects of the obama health care reform plan now. i think some of them kicked in yesterday, did they not? and a lot of people are saying wait a minute, this is supposed to save us money and reduce the deficit and what people are seeing are sky-high premiums. >> yeah. to be honest, there are a number of people that are going to be helped by this starting today. there are a number of people who are over 21 but under 26 that
6:25 am
can be covered by their parents' policies. >> a lot of parents are cutting off their children's plans because they can't afford them. >> when they keep them, we can't afford them. so far, the average premium has gone up by 10%. and, you know, hillary once asked me after -- when her health care bill was defeated and i urged her to propose a specific reform that everybody had to be covered, she said, dick, what happens if we go into the 1996 election and health insurance premiums are up and everybody is blaming us? well, she should ask her new boss that. >> no kidding. all right, dick morris, always a pleasure. thank you very much for joining us from the beautiful state of connecticut. >> thank you. >> all right, straight ahead, no shots of the crowd at a presidential rally. that one right there. why? well, maybe because president obama could not fill up all the seats even though they were deeply discounted fire sale
6:26 am
prices one writer says today. >> and bailed out auto workers drinking and smoking during their lunch break. then back to building your cars. think the union will bail them out? wonder what that knock is on my transmission. stuart varney here to fix your car and tell you why your tax dollars are up in smoke. >> happy birthday to kevin sorbot. he is 62 today. >> he likes our show a lot. he might be watching. say hi.
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>> it's amazing how things change. remember when president obama was first elected? everybody loved him. every speech, the crowds, people enthralled. take a look. look at this. look at this. >> tonight is your answer. >> ok. >> how many people are there? 250,000, 300,000 people? you see where he spoke this week? >> yeah. >> not a good time. not a good sign. >> that's a tricky entity, right, big event and a small event. actually, it kind of happened this week. the president of the united states is in new york for the
6:31 am
united nations general assembly. he had a fundraiser over at the roosevelt hotel which is about four blocks from where we're sitting right now. and gale sheehy who writes for the daily beast and has written a bunch of books and what not, she could not believe she wound up getting an invitation to one of these presidential events via e-mail so she just shrugged out the first one. she called nancy pelosi and said are you telling me i could be in the same room as the president of the united states for $100? >> the way she writes about it in her column, it was a fire sale of sorts. they couldn't sell the top level tickets so they were offering them at a cut rate of $100 to be able to get into this room with the president and even after that, she writes that the room was not full. >> wow. and you're only talking about 600 plus people and in the end, if you cannot sell out in new york, the bastion of democrat thinking, very blue, and on top
6:32 am
of that, too, in new york right now, one -- by the way, it was interrupted by protesters screaming there's not enough money in aids research but on top of that, too, how staggering it must be for the democratic party that looks like senator gillebrand along with the governor, should be a shoo-in for cuomo to become governor, is that related to the president can't sell his democratic fundraiser? >> at the end, they were selling tickets to the obama event for 50 bucks, 50 bucks, the place held 650. they had 450 in attendance. >> right. what do you think about that this>> when we appear, people -- a lot of times we comp the door because we know we'll get them on the drinks that's a strategy for us. not desperation. >> part of the strategy here on the newschannel, it has the news as well. let's check in on the latest headlines. here we go. a woman who survived a shooting rampage in seattle tells police
6:33 am
"my mom has gone crazy. "her mother killed two granddaughters and then her son-in-law before turning the gun on herself. she was the matriarch of a cambodian family of 11. relatives there say there was tension in the family. >> mexican journalist who has been receiving death threats says he's been granted asylum in the united states. he is the editor of a news site. he recently fled mexico for el paso, texas. he testified about the threats to a u.s. senate committee last year. violence against journalists in mexico on the rise now. u.s. officials haven't confirmed the asylum but don't normally comment on individual cases. brian? >> talk about a heated debate. but this one was not between the candidates. >> huh? >> supporters of harry reid and challenger sharon angle began fighting at the end of the forum. a reid supporter said she was
6:34 am
pushed and her friend was punched when they tried to leave. no arrests were made. tough in nevada. >> a lot of things going on in new york about the imam that wants to build the mosque. a judge says rauf must reimburse union city, new jersey, nearly $13,000 after it had to station a police officer outside of a building because of a broken fire alarm. rauf has until october 9th to fix 200 code violations including bed bugs. the city is suing the imam after getting more than 30 tenant complaints in the past 15 years. >> and brian, a couple of days ago, didn't you say he also -- some of the tenants were also complaining that he had a leaky rauf. >> yes. there's a hole in his rauf. yes. absolutely. by the way, i've seen shelters in better shape than that. that is unbelievable. >> doesn't look good. >> very religious man, doesn't mind if people live in squalor and pay him money. let's talk a little football. miami and pittsburgh, you know
6:35 am
what? i'll read from here. miami and pittsburgh squared off last night, first meeting for them since miami left the big east. let's take a look at that. pick it up with a nice play here. one handed interception and that would be the highlight of the night for the panthers. hurricanes quarterback harris threw for two scores. miami's defense dominant. hurricanes roll 31-3 kickieepin themselves in the national championship picture. the mariners and blue jays squared off in toronto. blue jays slugger hit his 50th home run become the first player in three years to hit 50. right when the scandal of steroids and h.g.h. hit the fan. meanwhile, outfielder suzuki, became the first player to hit 200 for the 10th straight season. congratulations, he's from japan still. if you've ever watched a jets game, you've seen fireman ed, the jets superfan and fixture at
6:36 am
jets games. now, another jet is in hot water. fireman ed is charged with assault for his scuffle with a giants fan during a preseason game. the fan in the giants jersey decided to press charges last my. he was distraught at seeing himself get shoved on national tv. fireman ed angelone due in court next month. you have problem with braylon edwards and problems with the way the jets treated a spanish language reporter and you have the whole season on "hard knocks" where the coach was cursing much to the chagrin of parents. >> you have a radio show. what's going to be on tv? >> funny transition, one of which i should have done myself. tony schaefer, a colonel in the military with a great book out. geraldo rivera, i don't know anything about him and alisyn camerota in the final hour. that should be fun, i hope. kilmeade and >> in the meantime, busted. 15 uaw workers caught on camera drinking booze and smoking pot
6:37 am
not on their free time but during their lunch break and they all work at a plant saved by the bailout dollars where president obama made a personal visit a few weeks ago. stuart varney says this even shows that even detroit may be turning against the unions. i don't know, stu, what's going to happen now with the unions as far as saving these guys' jobs? >> that's a very interesting question. the union statement says we do not condone this behavior. and you can see it right there. i mean, smoking pot, drinking heavily on a lunch break at a chrysler assembly plant. >> where do we get these pictures? reporter from new york. >> yeah, that's rob walchek from a fox affiliate in new york. the unions used to be untouchable. auto industry untouchable in new york and now a local television station is putting on the air this kind of video exposing what's going on in these assembly plants. the union says we don't condone this. but we don't yet know whether they will support these workers being fired. >> yeah, but think -- >> how would you not support this? >> these people would be gone, stuart, in any other private businesses not protected by the
6:38 am
union. >> we should point out, this is the jefferson north assembly plant in detroit. it makes the jeep cherokee, there have been nine recalls of that model since 2007. >> wonder why. >> president obama -- >> well, these guys are drinking heavily, smoking weed. right in lunch break before they go back and operate heavy equipment for heaven's sake. >> right. in the report by the fox affiliate reporter, you could actually see some of these guys at the obama event a while back where he gave them a pep talk and said hey, ok. let's get out there and build some cars. >> the president said on that occasion on july 30th at that plant, he said i'll bet on the american worker every time. i believe in you. >> come on, guys. don't let it go up in your smoke. >> it's your taxpayer dollars paying the pension and health benefits of your union members and your taxpayer dollars that gussied up chrysler before it was given to a foreign country. >> and detroit has over a 14% unemployment rate. there are probably plenty of people standing in line in
6:39 am
detroit who want those jobs. >> the outrage runs in all different directions. what this video is going viral, it's a big deal. >> isn't it true that toyota is not unionized? >> that's correct. >> if you work at toyota, they could fire you like any other business original. in this situation, chrysler -- any chrysler dealer and anyone involved in chrysler corporation can't even take action. can't take action against people smoking pot and drinking during lunch breaks. >> the union work rules. that is the problem. we have asked the union, will you support the firing of these workers. >> we see their faces. >> we have not gotten an answer yet. >> right. to pivot a bit. we are talking about detroit carmakers, the story came out yesterday that according to somebody who put on their thinking cap, what would g.m. stock have to sell for per share for americans to get our money back? >> $134. >> the chances of that happening are -- >> it's unlikely. >> it used to be quite
6:40 am
possible. and right now, what they're selling -- what they're selling for, you have any idea? >> don't know yet. >> when they do start selling shares, it might bring in $8 to $10 billion. nowhere near the $50, 60 billion that we gave them in the first place. >> but china may step up and buy a bunch of the shares of general motors. >> would we let them? >> money is green, would you take it? >> those shares will be allocated to various buckets. will china be in one of the buckets? that's a question. i don't know the answer. >> i assume you'll be following this investigative report on your show today. >> that's right. the name of the reporter out of detroit who got this video, broke the story, he's on the show. 9:20 this morning. >> wow. very good guest. stu varney at 9:20 on the fox business network. see you later. >> think you can pray wherever you want? well, think again. it's not guaranteed in the constitution even though the majority of americans think it should be. judge andrew napolitano explains
6:41 am
the disconnect next. >> then -- >> a pilot's plane crashes and burst into flames. >> onlookers shocked. >> the quote of the day, who said it? >> the court has granted porsche's name change. she's now porsche winfrey. >> no, somebody said that. who said it? >> not oprah.
6:42 am
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>> statements by osama bin laden could be used in the trial of his former bodyguard and driver. the first gitmo inmate tried in federal court is accused of helping bomb u.s. embassies in africa. dramat dramatic video, by the way of a stunt plane crashing and burning during a stunt show in indiana
6:45 am
neesha. amazingly, the pilot is ok. he survived. >> steve, gretchen, judge? >> thank you very much. does the constitution of the united states give americans the right to pray wherever they want to? politicians across the country and across the political spectrum say yes. wow. only 19% of democrats say the courts can stop prayer in school. and an overwhelming 74% of democrats and 93% of republicans say the constitution allows prayer wherever you want to pray in the united states. here with a legal and cultural aspect, host of "freedom watch" on fox business network, judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning, guys. >> these amazing statistics. >> these are very surprising numbers and they lend to a lot of speculation. a little bit of background. the constitution says that the government can't interfere with the practice of a religion and the government can't establish a religion. so for 200 years, that was interpreted to mean, you could
6:46 am
say a prayer on a public school before class started. you could say a prayer at a graduation ceremony. you could say a prayer in a huddle at a football game or even on the field at a football game. then in the 1960's, the supreme court invalidated prayer in the schools and then 20 years later, the supreme court invalidated prayer at any event having to do with schools whether a graduation or football game. now comes a poll like this, a sleeper issue that neither party has picked up on. overwhelming numbers of both parties. you just saw the numbers, i think it was 93% of republicans and 83% of democrats say we want prayer in school. why? >> that's the whole question right there. it is it -- the country is going through a religious revival right now where we have been told by the courts and by politicians for so long, you got to do this. you got to do that. people are rising up now. this is an overwhelmingly christian nation. a religious nation. people are saying, you know what? i want to pray wherever i want
6:47 am
to and the constitution says i can. >> i think you're right. i think the tea parties have something to do with this because the tea party movement has generated an interest in people carrying copies of the constitution, reading it and even, i know, because i got a ton of e-mails on this, even reading supreme court opinions interpreting this. but think about this, the government is getting very secular, very heavy handed. the president once called religion a crutch. is all of this a reaction to all of that? >> yeah, but this started even before president obama became elected because people were getting fed up about the fact that religion was being sort of stuffed down underneath and hidden. >> you're right. these opinions barring a prayer in school, steve, gretchen, barring a moment of silence in school with no prayer whatsoever. with mental thought going on for a minute, have never been popular with the american public. though i know sometimes the constitution requires courts to do things that are not popular and the courts are not an
6:48 am
elected branch of the government. but this is such a core american value with such overwhelming support. i wonder what the congress would do about this. >> no kidding. this is really good news for believers all across the religious spectrum. >> yes, it is. >> judge napolitano, thank you very much for joining us on this friday. check out his -- listen, the judge just getting started. if you're working saturday and sunday on fox business. >> beck and i go at it because we've taped it already about whether the tea party movement is religious or political. >> sounds like an interesting debate. we'll look forward to it. president obama offered another olive branch to iran yesterday. did you hear it? ahmadinejad returned by saying the u.s. attacked its own country. what should we do now? a former ambassador to the united nations. you know who he is. he's next. >> now, for our answer to the quote of the day. ellen degeneres said that. you know who knew it? becky in holland, michigan. becky, congratulations. you're our winner today on friday's "fox & friends." [ maln dream of completely transforming
6:49 am
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6:52 am
>> welcome to friday. iran's president and president obama speaking at the united nations with two messages. our president opened the door for diplomacy, iran president ahmadinejad saying 9/11 was an inside job. >> let me be clear once more. united states and the international community seek a resolution to our differences with iran and the door remains open to diplomacy should iran choose to walk through it. >> some segments within the u.s. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining american economy and its grips on the middle east in order to save the zionist regime. >> oh, really? former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, why
6:53 am
is the united states negotiating with ahmadinejad when he has that tone, mr. ambassador? >> i don't have the slightest idea. this shows why diplomacy with iran, with the entirest regime will be futile. they have a world view that is so contrary to ours, so divorced from reality that it demonstrates you can't trust the commitments they make or anything they say about their nuclear program. >> 30 nations plus got up and walked out. your thoughts? >> that's great except there are 192 governments in the u.n. it means about 159 stayed around. that looks like a typical general assembly vote with us on the losing end. >> why would the president take this tone? is there a method to that tone saying the hand is still open to negotiations with that response? >> well, i think his -- the president's whole speech was kind of lackluster, frankly. and i think what he's trying to do is show his policy hasn't failed completely but the response he gets from ahmadinejad is basically, we
6:54 am
have no desire to talk to you. your diplomacy is failing, your sanctions are failing. we're continuing to make progress to nuclear weapons. >> which i think you explained to me is every time we have these little bouts of hey, you want to talk? you don't want to talk? oh, 9/11 is an inside job. time passes and there's going to be another phase. when time passes, who wins? >> in cases of nuclear proliferation, time almost always benefits the proliferator, they need time to overcome the difficult science and technology between them and nuclear weapons. they use these negotiations for legitimacy so ahmadinejad is happy to stretch this out as long as he can. >> who is he talking to? i mean, we're laughing at these allegations. outraged by the statement, 9/11 an inside job. but who is he addressing? >> certainly has some people in this country who believe it. but primarily, i think he's talking to the people of iran. he's building himself up on the international stage and i think he's talking to the larger audience in the muslim world who are inclined to be anti-american and believe that, in fact, it
6:55 am
was an inside job. >> put yourself in israel right now. you hear ahmadinejad's message. what message do you take from this? >> i think the president remains weak, that he's determined to try and find a way to negotiate and that means not deal effectively with iran's nuclear weapon so if i'm in israel, i would be saying to myself, we may have to take our own military action because certainly the united states is not. >> they can't be encouraged from what they've heard. the outstretched hand has not turned into a fist. it still stays out. ambassador john bolton, sadly, we have a negative response to yesterday's dueling speeches from you but that's reality. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> all right, coming up straight ahead now, new jersey governor chris christie isn't only tough on unions. he's also tough on hecklers. >> and get this. they're not even picking on him. but he steps in anyway. you got to see it. then one of the largest school boards in the country tackling a controversial issue today. are our children's textbooks
6:56 am
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>> tgif, everyone. good morning, friday, september 24, 2010. thanks for sharing your time. to cut or to campaign. democrats put the brakes on their proposed tax cuts for the middle class just before the election. are they afraid of their own agenda? >> hey, don't mess with new jersey governor chris christie. he's not going to back down. >> you know what? you know what? let me tell you this. we're here to bring this country together. >> he's used to fighting what he believes in but now he's standing up for fellow politicians in california. give you the story. >> he's no expert but plays one on tv. now on capitol hill today, should america take steven colbert seriously for the first time ever? we're going to report and you are going to decide on this friday, "fox & friends."
7:00 am
>> howdy, folks, this is roy rogers jr. and you're watching "fox & friends." >> good morning, everyone. it's friday. guess what happened on capitol hill yesterday. they're not going to vote on those tax cuts for the middle class or for anyone else until after the midterm elections. so are politics at play here? well, many people are saying yep because at least from the democratic side, they did not want to have make this decision before the folks had to go home and face the music. >> think about it, gretchen, if you are saying that we're for tax cuts for the middle class and down and your own party, 34 plus in the house and people like senator ben nelson are saying leave it alone and senator lieberman says you got to be kidding me. you can't raise it on people making over $250,000 and you're senator harry reid or speaker nancy pelosi and you put it up for a vote and you lose or bet worse yet to some, you win and you're the party of raising
7:01 am
taxes with the november elections around the corner, they can't win and standing by the agenda, they can't win. >> even though they would ultimately what they've been talking about and this has been a major plank in their platform, we'll make sure we extend those bush era tax cuts for the middle class. well, now they're not going to do it because they don't want to deal with what to do with those people who make a lot of money. the most successful people. so they're going to punt. they're going to maybe take it out and intent is to take it up after election day when it's safe politically. steny hoyer from michigan, here he is, a democrat talking about taxes. >> there will be no tax increase for middle class americans, whether we do it today or six weeks from today, there will be no tax cut, no tax increase for middle class americans. >> how can you say that? you don't know what's going to happen after the elections. >> here's the other interesting
7:02 am
thing, if the g.o.p. wins enough seats after the election, then they could insist on waiting to take a vote on the whole tax issue until after january when all those republicans are in congress and then you can be darn tooting sure that the end result of the tax cuts would be different. right? so it's kind of a risky move here, i think. >> but i believe the tax cuts will automatically go up january 1st so waiting for the new session to take into effect, the taxes are going to go up and then you have to put a new proposal together with tax cuts in it and that's usually -- that's going to be generated from the new congress. i think there's a huge problem. if they don't do it in the lame duck session, they go up and like president obama said, he wanted to go up when he ran in 2008. >> right, on the most successful americans. >> they'll go up for everybody. >> exactly. what they can do is do it retroactively sometime in the next session, they can do that. a mark zandy, the famous economist says whatever they do. they need to do it quickly because the uncertainty of not knowing, you know, what our
7:03 am
taxes are going to be places a lot of pressure on people in small businesses and that's one of the things that john boehner was talking about yesterday. we believe part of the uncertainty causing employers to refrain from reinvesting in their businesses, no one knows what the tax rates are going to be tomorrow. >> that's exactly right. what do you think? do you think it is great politics to go ahead and punt the ball? or are you, perhaps, in the middle class, be affected by this. are you a little upset at the democrats who have promised this all along and now they're not going to be able to deliver on it before you go to the election place. e-mail us right now, friends at >> some headlines for your friday now. breaking news overnight from virginia. a woman executed in the state for the first time in nearly a century. theresa lewis was convicted in 2003 of plotting the murder of her husband and stepson for insurance money. she died by lethal injection.
7:04 am
lewis' final words were for her stepdaughter. >> miss lewis made a final statement. she said i want kathy to know i love her and i'm very sorry. >> protesters had argued lewis should have been granted clemency because of her mental capacity. lewis had an i.q. of 72 which is within two points of the law that says anyone with an i.q. of 70 cannot be executed. police trying to figure out who killed a nicaraguan diplomat in his apartment in the bronx here in new york city. he was found dead on the floor. his throat had been slashed. this just hours before he was scheduled to attend the u.n. general assembly. witnesses say there was a fight in the apartment the night before the murder. police believe he knew his killer. the american hiker freed from iran says she's hoping to meet with president ahmadinejad while he's in the u.s. sarah shourd told oprah what she wants to talk to the iranian leader about, her imprisonment. >> i just want him to know that there's -- there's -- i have no
7:05 am
animosity towards him or towards any iranian people. >> uh-huh. >> i -- and there's no reason for animosity. in a situation like this, i don't know who is making the decisions. i don't know why what happened to us happened. >> sarah shourd's fiance shane bauer and friend josh fattal are still in prison. they are accused of spying, a claim they deny. ahmadinejad sparked outrage by saying the u.s. orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. expect some blockbuster testimony today when a government lawyer may confirm the obama administration is selectively enforcing voter intimidation laws. molly heneberg has the story in washington. good morning. >> good morning. the justice department has tried to prevent christopher coats from testifying before the civil rights commission. in this new black panther intimidation voter case but today, he will and it's not clear if he has the justice department's blessing to do so. coates is the former chief of the voting rights section at d.o.j. and expected to have some
7:06 am
inside information on why the obama justice department decided to drop most of the charges against members of the black panther party, accused of trying to intimidate voters on election day of 2008. a former justice department lawyer, jay christian adams testified before the civil rights commission earlier and said the justice department wanted to drop the case for political reasons and that coates would back up his claim. today we'll hear from coates. the virginia republican congressman has sent a letter to attorney general eric holder saying coates better not face he repercussions for his decision to testify today. >> live for us in our d.c. bureau, thanks so much for that update. >> you're going to love this -- this next little bit of video that has gone viral in the last 24 hours. chris christie, the very popular governor, republican governor in a very democrat state of new jersey was out on the west coast and he was doing a campaign
7:07 am
event for meg whitman and a fella, meg whitman had -- they had determined she would not take any questions. well, an activist by the name of ed buck did not like that and at one point, stood up and started heckling. watch what happens. >> hey, listen. hey, listen. you. listen, you know what? you want to yell, yell at me. don't give her a hard time. we're here talking about the future of the state of california and the future of our country and you know what? and you know what? let me tell you this. you know what? it's people who raise their voices and yell and scream like you that are dividing this country. we're here to bring this country together, not divide it. >> wow. >> excellent. >> can i travel around with him? >> no kidding. that's a guy who has your back, all right? >> who says chivalry is not dead? he was yelling at meg whitman but said let me take this. what he had said is what are you hiding? you look like arnold in a dress
7:08 am
at one point. >> yeah, so you really want to get anybody's attention by being personally insulting? it's never going to work. chris christie did go to delaware to try to help out mike castle. that did not work but most off with his high approval rating, he's a rock star in the republican party. he has stops set up in pennsylvania, michigan, ohio. he's going to be going to those places. and he is pretty much packing out all the venues. in turn, his message is good here. those who got up and shouted, did get a lot of publicity last summer because they stood up and said listen, we're not going to take it anymore. there, it's a mixed message oochlt events to be able to have a dialogue and doesn't want just to be a shout fest. >> the interesting thing, though, is it takes the heat off meg whitman because she doesn't have to look like the bad guy by taking on the heckler. instead, he stood in front of her and especially since she's a woman, let's face it. if she got tough with that guy, she would have faced more of a negative reaction. >> he says i see a similarity
7:09 am
between what's happening in california, they said this state is ungovernable and what they said about new jersey. that state is ungovernable. little by little, that state is getting their fiscal house in order. she has spent, i can't believe this, $100 million already and she's in a dead heat with jerry browne who has like 30 bucks and he has all the supporters and he has the name recognition. >> but to her credit, she invited chris christie and suddenly headline wise, she won the day by having him at that particular event because chris christie has proven that a physical -- fiscal conservative can win even in a state like new jersey and now, you heard the applause for what he said to that heckler there. he was very warmly received in california. >> let's move on to this next topic. today is a big day on capitol hill because a very important person, an expert on illegal immigration is going to take to the stand and go under oath and give testimony on this very controversial issue in our society.
7:10 am
ok. i'm kidding. it's a joke. because steven colbert, the comedian, right there, yeah, that guy has been invited by congresswoman zoe laufgren, chairwoman of the immigration subcommittee, she's a democrat from the 16th district of california, san jose area, she has invited him legitimately to come and be a witness to talk about illegal immigration. you have got to be kidding me. >> you know why? because he won -- one of his bits on his show, he took the pharmacist association up on their offer to come and take the place of an illegal immigrant for a day and go in the field and pick fruit. he said he did for 14 hours. he's been asked in his character to go tell -- tell this story in front of this subcommittee. >> so the united farm workers have this thing called take our jobs campaign and brian kind of talked a little bit about it an hour ago and what it is if you're not familiar is how many times have we heard, you know, the thing about illegal aliens is they're taking jobs away from
7:11 am
americans. well, this organization says, you know what? if americans want to work in the fields, they're invited to do just that. and so they've set up this web site. only like a dozen actually have taken him up on it. it will be interesting. i bet what the reason she is inviting him on the show -- on her show essentially with the committee is so she can say, ok, we've -- they've got this program. inviting americans to do it. you're one of 14 in the country who have taken him up on it. was it hard? would you do it? stuff like that. from a point of view -- >> that's so ridiculous, ok? it's -- >> he's done the work for a day. >> how many workers in america have done that work for a day or maybe more than a day, they might have a little bit more experience. take a look at how he used our show to make fun of me last night. >> i mean, the idea that we're going to waste our taxpayer dollars for this guy to go up on capitol hill and we're supposed to sit there and take that? >> i agree with gretchen. i am a huge waste of taxpayer
7:12 am
dollars. there's my hotel, my meals, and, of course, my mobile snow machine so i can cross country ski the entire way there. all of which i am paying for. but congress is on the hook for my water, as much as i want, plus the electricity powering my microphone for a full five minutes of talk time. god only knows how many hospitals won't be built because of me. >> well, right there, there's -- you guys are in a bit of a battle. let me say something. i'm going to chris christie you. you got a problem? you talk to me. you deal with me and steve up don't go after gretchen carlson. she has a lot on her mind. >> thank you so much. he can continue to go after me. i'm not backing down on this. i think it's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. >> we have some e-mails to find out where our viewers stand on this. >> meanwhile, we'll roll on for this friday. the next tight race republicans hope to win is new hampshire.
7:13 am
former state attorney general kelly iote joins us next with how she's working to close an extremely narrow gap. >> and the debate in the desert gets a little too hot. cameras roll and fists fly between supporters of sharon angle and harry reid. you know, fresh green beans lose half their vitamin c in a week. so, you can eat them right here... or eat green giant beans at home... ...frozen within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. up to you. [ green giant ] ho ho ho ♪ green giant.
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>> the texas state board of education is considering a resolution that would threaten publishers not to push world history textbooks that some argue promote islam while putting christianity and other religions on the sidelines. the vote takes place later today down in texas and joining us right now from austin is cynthia dunbar, elected member of the texas state board of education. good morning to you, cynthia. >> good morning. >> what are you trying to do? >> good morning, steve. >> we just want a fair and balanced objective presentation of all religions.
7:17 am
the particular problem arose when a constituent brought forward the bias within the textbooks and the basic nature of too much content on one religion over another religion and so we're trying to make sure that there's an objective, fair and balanced presentation within the textbooks. >> and in fact, i know there was a -- a world history textbook that was brought to your attention where it had, i think, 20 favorable mentions of islam and barely mentioned, barely mentioned christianity. and judaism in a book about world history! >> right. absolutely. and when i said 20, i mean, it was actually within the table of contents that addressed those sections and then there was hardly anything addressing any of the judeo christian tenets and we know that was the framework for western civilization and so you kind of can see the bias really quickly when you start looking at the content and the treatment of the religions.
7:18 am
>> why do you think some textbook publishers, cynthia, put out textbooks that just slam, for instance, in this case, christianity? >> well, i do think that, you know, this is one of the reasons why it's good to have an elected body, an elected board where constituents can bring their concerns forward because to speculate as to the reasons and rationale as to why a publisher would do that, it would be endless and they can have their own bias where they're trying to promote a particular position but when you have an elected body, that's accountable to the public, we can be responsive and there's a redress for grievance when's they bring these concerns forward and that's what we're there for and that's why this constituent is able to bring it forward and we're trying to correct the problem. >> ok. so what's been the reaction from the publishers? are they saying hey, you can't threaten us? >> actually, we haven't had as much of a response from the publishers as we have from
7:19 am
individuals who are writing in and encouraging us to go forward. of course, there can be a stir on either side but i think the publishers just know that when -- it is a nonbinding resolution but the only other redress would be for us to just outright reject a textbook and i think it's fair to the publishers to give them due warning on the front end. please don't bring us these textbooks because we will not be adopting them. >> i gotcha. you got a busy day down there in austin today. cynthia dunbar, thank you very much for joining us. she is an elected member of the state board of education. the reason we look at texas textbook wise is the books they approve with curriculum is used all over the united states of america. all right. 19 minutes after the top of the hour. the next tight senate race, republicans hope to win is in new hampshire. candidate and former state attorney general kelly iote joins us next. and there she is right there. and two passenger planes nearly collide mid air. >> ok. we just had a -- we just -- we
7:20 am
heard the guy go by. >> wow! more from those amazing recordings straight ahead on this friday, "fox & friends." ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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7:23 am
>> senate race in the granite state is heating up now as republican kelly ayotte leads democratic congressman paul hoades, 51% to 44%. the candidates faced off in a debate this week that focused on the bush tax cuts and the soaring deficit. we're joined now by former new hampshire attorney general and republican senatorial candidate kelly ayotte. we reached out to your opponent but no response. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. >> all right, you had this debate and the hot topic was the whole issue of the tax cuts. what do you make now of the situation on capitol hill that they're going to defer a vote on this until after the midterm
7:24 am
elections? >> what i make of it is a lack of leadership because the democrats are looking to raise taxes and this is the last time we should be raising taxes, we're in a tough economic situation. and yet, they have failed to step up and vote these -- making sure that we can create some certainty for our small businesses. >> well, your opponent who you'll face off with in less than 40 days now, congressman hodes, here's what he had to say about that. keeping tax cuts for the wealthiest would add $700 billion and nearly double the federal deficit. it is simply reckless and fiscally irresponsible to allow the tax cuts to go on to the top 2%. your response? >> my response is his first instinct is to raise taxes on our small businesses at a time when we need them to put people to work. i want to cut spending. the federal government is out of control. we're spending too much money. and i have a very different philosophy than him. i'm going to cut spending in washington so that we can make sure that we have lower taxes on
7:25 am
our small businesses and essentially those tax cuts that he's talking about is a $300 million hit on businesses here in new hampshire and individuals. >> let me talk to you a little bit about something else for a moment because you were the beneficiary of what's being called the palin effect. sarah palin endorsed you and you were in a very nail biter primary race which you came out on top. but what was the effect of sarah palin? >> well, i was proud to have governor palin's endorsement. she's a strong conservative leader in this country and it helped me very much in the primary. >> what do you make of the fact that it seems to be the year of the woman in politics? we're seeing more and more women who are not only entering races but winning them at least becoming the candidate? >> we've got some great, strong women running throughout the country. and so i think it's a new generation of leadership in this country. >> finally, let's go back to the whole tax debate because let's say you win the election in november. let's say more republicans win and take over the house and the
7:26 am
senate. then what's going to happen to the whole tax situation? do you think they would wait until the republicans were in power in january to decide what to do? >> well, i think that the republicans are going to act as soon as they can to make sure that tax increases don't come on individuals and businesses so that we can help our economy. whether that occurs in january or that occurs in december, i know that republicans will be fighting to make sure that tax increases don't come on our small businesses and individuals in this country. >> and so far, at least 34 members of the house who are democrats agree with you. kelly ayotte, ok, i got it right. ayotte, right? sorry, you got a tough name but i'm getting it now. kelly ayotte is running for the senate in new hampshire as a republican. thanks for being our guest today. >> thanks so much, gretchen. appreciate it. >> coming up on the show, new trouble for the 1960's radical who haunted president obama's campaign. a kennedy now turning his back on bill ayers and it's the most talked about movie of the season. we have your first look at
7:27 am
michael douglas' new wall street movie. courtney friel will join us live and tomorrow is national hunting and fishing day. they're lining up a little practice round. brian is out there. going to get into the deep forest and go hunting. >> yeah, we have a little problem, gretchen, right there. we got some wolves in the woods that need to be taken care of. and we got some dangerous birds as well. it's hunting and fishing time coming your way. vo: what is the good egg project? vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more. when allergies make them itch, don't wait for your pills to kick in. choose alaway, from the eye health experts at usch lomb.
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2011 traverse for around $299 a nth. call for details. see your local chevrolet dealer. >> take a look at this. the water is already chest high in some places and more is on the way. another day of heavy rain and flooding is expected in parts of minnesota and wisconsin where high water has chased over 400 families out of their homes. three to five inches of rain has fallen so far and people say they're expecting the conditions to get worse. what they need is some dry conditions. let's take a look at the map. find out where it's raining. oh, man, it's raining right now in portions of wisconsin and northern portions of minnesota as well. line of heavy thunderstorms, as you can see, all the way from lake michigan right down through portions of texas at this hour. right now, it is clear in the east.
7:32 am
and there you can see it progressing to the east at about eight miles an hour. more throughout the day here on fox. >> tonight, in the clubs in new york city, you'll be there. >> depends on what clubs you go to, brian. >> good point. the 1960's radical who haunted president obama's campaign has just been denied -- >> emeritus. >> i knew that. nobody has put me up for that. emeritus status at the university of illinois meaning he can keep his well respected title of professor during retirement. leading the charge, christopher kennedy, son of the latest robert f. kennedy. he's upset that he wrote a book dedicated to the man that assassinated his dad. ayers went to work with president obama on a schools reform initiative. >> a mexican journalist who has been receiving death threats says he's been granted asylum in the united states. he is the editor of a news site. he recently fled mexico for el
7:33 am
paso, texas. u.s. officials have not confirmed the asylum. but they don't normally comment on individual cases. he testified about the threat to a u.s. senate committee last year. drug gang violence against journalists in mexico is on the rise. >> meanwhile, audio tapes released after a packed u.s. airways jet and a small cargo plane nearly collided mid air. plane came to within they're estimating 50 to 100 feet from each other shortly after taking from the minneapolis/st. paul airport. >> ok, we just had a -- we just -- we heard the guy go by. >> the tower. radio contact, maintain 17,000. >> get out of there. investigators say the cargo plane failed to turn as directed. fortunately, the u.s. airways jet's collision alarm system went off and the pilots were able to climb and avoid the cargo plane. >> fists flying during a debate but not between the candidates.
7:34 am
>> get off! >> supporters of senator harry reid and challenger sharon angle began fighting at the end of that forum. now, a reid supporter said she was pushed and her friend was punched when they tried to leave. nobody was arrested. gretch? >> no more jail time for lindsay lohan, tmz reports that lohan is expected to walk out of court today a free woman. word is she'll post bond and face the music over her latest failed drug test another day. she would be released because the l.a. jails are so overcrowded. wow. >> she did fail that drug test. meanwhile, in the 1987 classic movie "wall street" captured the decade's lust for money and power. >> greed, for lack of a better word, is good. >> so is greed still good? the sequel "wall street, money never sleeps" opens nationwide today and fox news correspondent courtney friel has all the scoop for us. all right, this is on my movie list. should it be? >> yeah.
7:35 am
we'll see if greed is still good at the box office. i can tell you this, having seen the movie, if you liked the original wall street, you'll probably enjoy this one, too. the best way to explain the premise is to say it's family drama meets the economic meltdown of 2008. after more than two decades, michael douglas is back in his oscar-winning word as gordon gecco. he gets out of jail and we wonder if he's been reformed or up to his old tricks. his estranged daughter certainly doesn't trust him and she does not want her boyfriend played by shia lebouef to know him either. he's a trader that gets mixed in with josh brolin bernie madoff character and other fat cats. then all hell breaks loose on wall street and we are along for the ride. this story is timely and it's a story that ironically mirrors today's economic climate. i asked the director and actor josh brolin if the clie hat has
7:36 am
changed. and where they see the economy headed. >> banks started to play with different sets of rules of leverage and i think america woke up to the sense that we're living way beyond our means. we may not realize it yet but we really -- it was a serious heart attack. >> i don't care who is speaking about it, nobody knows. that's the only thing i know for sure. nobody knows. it's all speculation and to me, there's no foundation that we have right now, the uncertainty is massive. >> josh says he doesn't even trade anymore right now. and you can watch my interview with those two for more of that. you know, michael douglas, he hasn't been able to do much press for this movie. obviously, he's undergoing chemo for throat cancer but he did show up at the red carpet premiere for a photo op this week. he was looking a little thinner. kind of tired but he still had that gorgeous head of hair. and i asked his co-stars how he's doing. >> he's keeping his spirits up much he's not hiding. he's not isolating. he's coming out here. he's promoting this movie and i think that says a lot about his character. >> he's a legend. he's strong. he's incredible.
7:37 am
he is an american institution and the man is as strong as the first day i met him. >> michael says he hopes to beat cancer in five months. he's proud of "wall street" too and hopes you go see it. i definitely recommend it. >> by the way, it is a 20th century movie. fox movie. so we just want to be true about it. definitely want to see it. >> it's on my list, like i said. give it a thumbs up? >> i give it an a minus. i've soon a lot of bad movies this summer. i liked it. the acting is fabulous. the cinematography, the shots of new york are just gorgeous. but it is a little heady. a lot of financial business. >> there is a lot of gel. we notice a lot of hair gel and we'll have to see if you like hair gel, you'll love that movie. thank you very much. >> happy friday, guys. >> good job. steve, what are you doing? >> well, from greed is good to hunting and fishing is good. brian and gretch, did you realize that tomorrow is national hunting and fishing day? and that guy right there in the door is eric fineli with
7:38 am
activision. they have teamed up with cabela's and they're traveling across the country with a big trailer filled with cool games. i love cabela's where all my weekend clothes come from. eric, i understand this particular holiday, hunting and fishing day. brian, your ride is here. it started back in 1972 by a very famous politician. >> yes, richard nixon, in fact, yes. put it into action in 1972. >> i am not a poacher! you're taking this across the country to do what? >> just promoting hunting games, number one hunting and celebrating national hunting and fishing day. we have a new game dangerous hunt 2011. >> that's cool! >> inside the trailer, shall we, eric? come on. let's go inside and here you've got it all set up. now, on this particular game, you can -- you can hunt all sorts of critters, right? >> they're actually hunting you, too. some of the most dangerous animals in the world. lions and gators. >> lions and tigers and bears!
7:39 am
what are we going hunting for today? >> this is going to be survival mode, one of the many modes in this game. this is where we team up to survive against some suspiciously aggressive wolves. >> bring them on, come on! dancing with wolves. >> top shot of the controller, ok? pump back and reload right here. and you're at yellow. >> i am yellow. >> there you go. yeah. >> the idea is not to shoot me. >> oh, my goodness. >> you're doing great. >> these are a little complicated. you're switching between shotguns and rifles. >> that's right. >> really cool. >> i'm so sorry. >> yeah. i think you're doing pretty good at this. >> you know what? i did some hunting when i lived in kansas. we'd go pheasant hunting during the season and i had a .22. >> you're doing great. >> and i always went fishing. don't tell me there's a fishing game on this. >> we have a fishing game right over here that we're doing, yeah. we're doing a fishing game.
7:40 am
>> oh, it comes with a rod and reel. >> yes, it does. >> this game comes with the new hunting -- >> there we go! after it. look at that. all right. very good. now, if people would like more information, you're traveling across the country. >> number one hunting >> or go to and you'll find out where this is coming to. i know you tried this earlier. this is a little different than the firearms you're used to. >> right. >> we'll be at hartford on saturday at the cabela's. >> that one is a little tough to conceal. >> as you know, in our house, we have a tradition. every night we actually hunt for our dinner. >> really? >> except for when we have pasta which -- so it's very -- by the way, it's a fun game out there. it looks like you're in the woods. if you walk into that trailer. >> all right. i'll have to check it out during the commercial break. coming up on the show, president obama may be preparing to hit the reset switch with several members of his inner circle making exit plans. does that mean more fresh ideas
7:41 am
or more of the same? >> we'll debate it. is this the year of the sore loser? republicans who lose the primaries are mounting write-in campaigns. are they refusing to listen to the people before they get into office? but first, the trivia question of the day. on this day in 1946, this football player may be best remembered for an interrupted walk to the locker room. who is he? [ female announcer ] fact. when pain keeps you , nothing is proven to help you fall asleep faster than advil pm liqui-gels. rushing real liquid relief to ease you to sleep fast. for nighttime pain, make advil pm your #1 choic rushing real liquid relief to ease you to sleep fast. i hope he has that insurance.f! how come? well if you're hurt and can't work it pays you cash... so...what's it called?
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thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills make getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check. an easy choice. and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen. you love the aroma of beef tenderloin, don't you? you inspired a very special dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired. >> time for your news by the numbers. first, 13,000 dollars. that's how much a judge ordered ground zero mosque imam rauf to pay union city, new jersey. why? because he owns a building there that has about 200 code violations. next, $4.4 million in receipts.
7:45 am
they were just discovered hidden in rod blagojevich's former desk. a virginia man bought a desk at the auction ma. a spokesman for the f.b.i. says they appear to be real but unrelated to the current scandal. fears that sharp hood ornaments could hurt pedestrians if by chance they're hit by the bentley. >> president obama's inner circle is breaking apart and they're leaving. his economic advisor larry summers is out of there. chief of staff rahm emanuel could be running for mayor and leave in weeks. could it cause him to hit the reset button only spelled right for the administration? p.j. p.j.o'rourke has a new book out called "don't vote, it just encourages the bastards." you are from the center of
7:46 am
advance studies but lieutenant colonel tony schaefer, you have big news today. operation of operation dark heart which is out today, right? >> correct. >> let's talk about the change. p.j., will this help the administration get on track? >> it will help the administration be a nicer place. you're getting rid of two really -- you got a mean guy and you got a grouchy guy here. >> larry summers grouchy? >> grouchy. >> rahm emanuel mean? >> yes. not only is larry summers grouchy but the foot, the mouth, you know, he can get it like farther -- all the way up to the thigh. you know? remember when he was up at harvard going, you know, hey, maybe dames can't do science. >> we heard that. now he's going back there. >> they can have him. it will be a nicer white house. whatever direction they're going. >> you don't have to be nice to be chief of staff. sometimes it's better to be mean. >> you're absolutely right. being the chief of staff, you kind of have to be the hammer and has to be the person that gets everybody in line or behind the president so i don't think that you want your chief of staff to be a pushover.
7:47 am
>> lieutenant colonel schaefer, james jones is a general and he's going to be out of there, too. evidently doesn't get along with any of these guys. he's going to be leaving. who could he bring in to change the tone? >> thie >> there's a number of qualified people. bad policies kill more people than bad intelligence. whoever it is, whoever comes in has to be able to absorb a great amount of information and make the right recommendations to him. i think that's been one of the problems. it's highlighted in my book and i think the woodward book which comes out next week will be talking about it as well. that's what we need to look at, who he selects, who can help him better discern the best path to the future? >> you know that other administrations have changed and pivoted from bill clinton to ronald reagan when they changed some of their staffers. do you see some names out there from a sam nunn on down to change the tone and get things back on track, bipartisan? is it possible? >> that's the big -- the big question here is not really whether -- whether the president moves left or the president moves right. it's does he move smart? i mean, he's going to have a
7:48 am
changed congress even if the republicans don't do as well. he's coming back to a more conservative congress. now, does he go dance with them or does he play them like a piano the way clinton did? remember how clinton did that. we're going to close down the federal government and clinton said oh, ok, close down the federal government. we'll start with the national parks. that's what we'll close down. for some, it may be social security, you know, he knew exactly what part of the government -- smart guy. is obama that smart politically speaking? we know he's got brains. >> you know what? i want you to lead off. we'll take a time-out. we'll hear about this and change topics a little bit. republicans who lost the primary are mounting new write-in campaigns and switching to independents. is this the year of the sore loser? or is this good for the party? after all, joe lieberman lost his primary and went out and won the election. in this day in 2006, justin timberlake, tony schaefer's personal idol had the number one song and he, like justin, got his sexy back.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> answer to the trivia question. joe greene. the winner is tony from florida. that was john screaming out inappropriately. thank you. despite increasing voter support, mike castle considering a write-in candidacy in delaware. the same thing in alaska. then there's charlie cris who changed parties in florida. three great panelists, first to you, tara. what do you take from this? are these people that can't quit or should they quit? >> i think it's safe to say that some politicians actually have a problem leaving the stage. but at the same time, i think mike castle situation is slightly different. >> why? >> the scuttlebutt is he's
7:53 am
receiving a lot of actual pressure and requests for him to run against christine o'donnell still because of the fact that she has a lot of baggage. and on top of it, a lot of the allegations that are against her are very serious and they're coming from people within the republican party. they're not even coming from democrats. and watchdog groups. >> i will say this, he did get a call from the president or vice president, a video chat after he lost the republican primary. i thought that was change. is he a sore loser or the american, i will not quit attitude? >> i think it's the american i won't quit attitude with a little bit of mental illness mixed in. >> ok, fine. >> i think the thing that really drives politicians is ego. they just -- you know, as you say, they can't leave the stage. they just have to be in the spotlight and i've always thought that the tea party would be on firmer ground. it's not so much that they should demand fiscal responsibility. what they should demand is psychiatric help for a lot of people that are in office. it's like -- it's the affairs that they have. i mean, some of these guys are having affairs when they're like
7:54 am
90. you know? i mean, they must have to go on the cialis i.v., you know, to ramp themselves up. >> viagra. change it. >> cialis i.v. was not in your preinterview. lieutenant colonel schaefer, tell me, when you hear about murkowski, if you misspell it, it doesn't count. you have to spell the name right, too. >> she said i want the voters to have a voice. they did. they voted against her. i think that's -- it's not like -- it's like on "american idol", do you get to another show once you're voted off? you're kind of done. i think this is being hugely unhelpful and essentially disruptive to the whole process. i think, you know, there may be ballot issues with candidates. however, if people choose someone to represent them, then that's kind of the way they need to go. >> but, you know, mike castle, murkowski have the right to run if they want to. if you want to become an independent, by law you have that right. but i think that, yeah, there are a lot of people who have trouble leaving the stage.
7:55 am
remember, their supporters are also pushing them so it's not an absolute thing. >> right. p.j., here's the other thing, loyalty to party or is it about you? if you care about your party. >> it's about me! and if you watch "the godfather" movies too many times, you begin to wonder. >> which one? the last one was really bad. >> not the last one. i don't consider that to be part of the family much the first two. you wonder whose side some of these people are on, you know? of course charlie cris comes out and says he's batting for the other side. >> yeah. >> sense of entitlement. some of these folks almost establish a dynasty where they think they have the presumption of being the anointed one forever. i think the tea party has gained some ground here much the idea of being a career politician isn't a good idea. >> thank you so much for joining us. i know it's an exciting day for you, your latest book is out as it is for you p.j. and by reading the title, i'm allowed to say bastard on tv. hey, steve and gretchen, keep it clean. coming up next. >> why should we?
7:56 am
you just didn't. >> because geraldo is here and he blushes. >> he is. watch this. it's your tax dollars going up in smoke! pot smoke. bailed out auto workers getting drunk and stoned. before building your cars on their lunch hour. some of the cars have been recalled. will the union save their jobs? geraldo rivera weighs in two minutes. >> and geraldo stick around for this, the victoria's secret angels are here to give us the bombshell quiz. that should be good. [ female announcer ] lean cuisine presents...
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: tgif for the final hour of "fox & friends" today, friday, september 24, 2010. thank you for sharing your time. it's the biggest issue for americans right now, but democrats just put the brakes on the proposed tax hikes for the middle class -- tax cuts that would be, before the election. are they afraid of their own agenda? >> peter: look at this video right there. what are they doing? it's not a cheech and chong revival. it's your tax dollars going up in smoke. united auto workers getting drunk and stoned during lunch before going back to build your cars. >> brian: she kissed a girl, then katy perry took her act to sesame street and got the boot. geraldo rivera tackles the tough issues and that's another example. he's a parent and he's fuming. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> i'm mel tillis and you're
8:01 am
watching -- and you're watching -- hell, it will be on before i can get it out. >> peter: we've got a busy final hour. so geraldo is here along with victoria secret beauties. >> gretchen: carly fiorina coming up after this. a woman executed in virginia for the first time in nearly 100 years. theresa lewis died by lethal injection. she was convicted in 2003 of plotting the murder of her husband and stepson for insurance money. her final words were for her stepdaughter. >> she said, i want kathy to know i love her and i'm very sorry. >> gretchen: protesters argued lewis should have been granted clemency because of her mental capacity. she had an i.q. of 72. anyone with an i.q. of 70 or below cannot be executed. senate democrats are punting, or fumbling the biggest political football in history,
8:02 am
refuse to go vote on tax cuts until after the election. harry reid unable to rally enough support for a vote decided to put it off until later in november. republicans are pushing for across the board tax cuts. democrats want the wealthiest americans to start paying more. police trying to figure out who killed a nicaraguan diplomat in new york. his throat was slashed hours before he was scheduled to attend the u.n. general assembly. there was a fight in the apartment the night before the murder. police believe he knew his killer. check out this water, it's chest high in some places in minnesota and wisconsin. people trying to save what they can. others filling sandbags. the wisconsin guard has been called out to help and adding to the misery, heavy rain, high winds, and thunderstorms are in the forecast. those are your headlines. let's bring in geraldo. >> peter: it sounded like, remember the case of the new black panthers party guys
8:03 am
suggesting that voter intimidation outside election place in philly during the last presidential. when eric holder dropped the case, they said not enough there, we thought it was over. not so. former department of justice attorney is going to be testifying before the u.s. commission on civil rights. this should be interesting to find out what went on behind the scenes. >> it will be interesting. it clearly seemed to me to be a case of voter intimidation at the time. the video certainly speaks to that. coates is an unusual character, he's a conservative activist. he seems bent on prolonging the agony of this case. he got transferred as a result of his noble commitment to the cause, however you see it, to south carolina, i believe. but he petitioned the civil rights commission, requesting that they allow him to testify and i believe today he will be testifying. so you will hear him. we have heard him before, but it should be interesting and should prolong this never ending saga
8:04 am
of relatively -- i mean, it was serious, but no reputeable witness says voters were turned away from the polls. however, the black panther party deserved to be excoriated as they were on my show and others. >> gretchen: let's talk about this undercover sting video. the auto workers union, the guys who work, and gal, i don't know if there were any gals in this video. here they are on lunch break, after they received government bailout cash, taxpayer dollars, lunch break smoking pot, drinking booze, and then going back and building cars. many of which have been recalled. >> you know, i remember the bad old days when the united auto workers covered for workers who were intentionally sabotaging the vehicle. so we're not at that point yet. but this clearly -- >> peter: they're unintentionally. >> i could say, i hope they're not working on something like cruise control. it's really pathetic.
8:05 am
however, repeat -- repeat i work it is, they've been suspended without pay. i have a feeling they'll be out of a job and i think that's the right thing. >> brian: if they're not out of a job, this would make everybody who is a critic of the union -- >> that's why i think they'll be out of a job. >> gretchen: yeah, but they'll still get their pension. >> that is true and it's obviously deeply distressing. i don't want to overstate. i guess you can still -- i'm not sure. and you don't want it to be your car. >> yeah. i have no sympathy for it. >> peter: brian mentioned, he hopes when they go back to work, they're not going to put the air bag in because it's a matter of life and death. the u.a.w. responded and issued this and say the u.a.w. strongly
8:06 am
opposes the use of controlled substances on or alcohol use on the job. this type of behavior jeopardizes the health and safety of all employees. we recognize that unfortunately these behaviors exist in our society. the employees involved do not represent the vast majority of workers. >> you see the unions tactic here is to get them under the umbrella of substance abuse problem, get them in a program rather than being fired. i'm telling you, i will bet you now that i see the statement, that's the defense that is emerging. we did it, we're sick, send us to an alcohol drug rehabilitation program. why are we any worse than lindsay lohan? >> brian: let's talk about illegal immigration. you have not weighed in on that. >> today, yes. >> brian: it says there is a subcommittee going on that will look at illegals and the role they play in society and taking away american jobs. >> which is bunk.
8:07 am
>> brian: if you don't mind, i need your opinion. colbert was asked to kick off the testimony. should he be doing that? >> there are props going unharvested because of the lack of workers. i reported last week how the jobs done by mexican and guatemalan illegals who have been coming for decades were taking by somali immigrants. these are tough, low paying jobs. they are difficult jobs. >> gretchen: should colbert be doing the first round of testimony? >> here is why he can't win. you know i love you and punch the nose of any man who insulted you. but steven colbert can with mockery and with sarcasm really defeat the most legitimate substantive argument. that's why it's like punching the tar baby. you can't fight with a satirist and that's the danger.
8:08 am
the march to restore sanity and steel colbert's mock keep fear alive. if this is indeed as it certainly appears, a major success in terms of the turnout, then through mockery, they can mitigate the impact of glenn beck's triumphant march on the anniversary of martin luther king, i have a dream speech, by mocking and by satirizing they can and intend to ridicule every tea party person who showed up or every glenn beck fan who showed up and it will be affected. >> gretchen: let me ask you this, of all the experts that congress woman from california who invited colbert to testify, of all the experts on immigration she could come up with, do you really think that most of the american public thinks that steven colbert is the right expert to testify first on illegal immigration? >> that's exactly my point, gretchen. they know it's not. >> gretchen: why are they wasting our time? >> because the time is
8:09 am
irrelevant. >> gretchen: that's what americans are upset about. >> the tactic is to take your righteous indignation as just expressed and make a joke of it. by making a joke of it -- >> gretchen: on our taxpayer dollars? >> it doesn't matter, he's getting the water and electricity as he suggested. it's not costing a whole lot and c-span is going to get a bump in their negligible ratings and by mocking and by joking and by giving the elbow and the wink to the inside crowd, they make everybody opposed to their point of view the outside crowd, uncool crowd. >> brian: like bozo the clown. >> peter: we'll find when bozo actually testifying later today. >> brian: katy perry went on sesame street and did "i'm hot when i'm cold". she did it for the kids, but the problem is she didn't wear
8:10 am
enough. she's jiggly and there is cleavage. they're not going to air it. how do you feel about it? >> i'm outraged they're not going to air it. here is the problem with sesame street. they have always -- i am now my fifth generation of sesame street. five children from 31 to age five, i've been through sesame street and i appeared in the guest star role and my problem was that when i talk to big bird instead of talking to his face, i talk to the eye holes. so it comes at multiple levels, i think little children would not be offended by katy perry's cleavage and if dad is watching at 7:15 eastern time and sees her, he might pay renewed attention to a program he was only drifting. >> gretchen: word robe stylist might have added a few things. >> i think they could have done her a little better. my daughter was going to the movies and i said -- i went like this as she leaned over and i
8:11 am
said, put on a sweatshirt. you're not going to go to the movies and sit there in a movie like that. but we dads have consistently been torn between what we like to see in other women and... . >> peter: geraldo rivera, we are going to -- we're not going to mock you. we're going to watch you. >> i mean it, gretch, i wouldn't let anyone insult you. >> gretchen: thank you. coming up on the show. >> brian: why does katy perry always look startled? >> gretchen: two women going head to head in the battle for california senate seat. republican carly fiorina says she has the advantage since she has a background in business, not politics. >> peter: the reason geraldo is sticking around is because the victoria angels are here. that's next.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> gretchen: a decade ago, she was called one of the most powerful women in business. now carly fiorina is a step away from being one of the most powerful women in washington, d.c in an extremely tight senate race, she trails senator barbara boxer by one point according to the latest fox news poll. does she have what it takes to beat boxer and become the next u.s. senator from california? joining me now is carly fiorina. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> gretchen: i'm fine. what do you make of that recent poll? you are one point behind in a heavy, heavy democratic state. >> well, what i make of it is that people are paying attention. we have a 12.4% unemployment rate in california. democrats and independents, republicans, they're worried about where is the private sector job growth and californians are terribly concerned about $13 trillion worth of debt because they see what happens when our cities are
8:16 am
bankrupt as they are in california, they see what happens when debt gets higher, taxes get higher, regulation gets thicker. we're destroying jobs. we have a fantastic opportunity here to unseat one of the most ideological, one of the most left wing, one of the most unpleasant senators in the u.s. senate and i think we're going to win in 39 days. >> gretchen: the interesting thing is that usually republicans run very much on the moderate side when they try to win in california. one political analyst said this about you. this is about as conservative a republican candidate as we've had in a long time. in theory, you shouldn't be able to win in california with her profile. speaking about you. so what is it about you, is it an anti-incumbent mood in california or do people like you being that conservative? >> well, i think people first, one of the biggest applause lines i get in a speech is when i say, i have never run for
8:17 am
public office before. people are tired of and suspicious of career politicians like barbara boxer who has been in washington, d.c. for 28 years and hasn't accomplished anything on behalf of the people of california. secondly, people want conservatives values now, whether they're fiscally conservative and there are many people in california who are actually socially conservative as i am. but even people in california who don't agree with me on the social issues do agree that private sector job growth is critical, particularly when we've just added 100,000 federal government bureaucrats in the last 12 months. they agree that fiscal conservativism is vital. we can not continue to pile up debt on our children and grandchildren. and so i think people are now getting very excited about the possibility that we could send a common sense conservative to washington, d.c. to represent the largest economy in our nation and get that economy back on track. >> gretchen: barbara boxer hopes
8:18 am
that doesn't happen and hit you and your former record during the debate. listen to this. >> when i talk about shipping jobs oversea, i'm reminded of my opponent. when she was ceo of hewlett-packard before she was terminated, actually, she shipped 30,000 jobs overseas. think of it, that's the size of foster city. >> gretchen: which is a city in california. your response? >> well, first of all, she has her facts quite wrong, but secondly what barbara boxer doesn't understand is that it is her policies that drive jobs out of this country. it is her policies that have driven jobs out of our state. we have to fight for our jobs. it is the most cynical political ploy ever when barbara boxer talks about made in america. >> gretchen: i want to make sure i get in the ad that you have in response to that because you depict barbara boxer as a bit of an elitist. let's watch this. >> do me a favor, could you say senator instead of ma'am? it's just a thing.
8:19 am
i work so hard to get that title. i would appreciate it. yes, thank you. >> 28 years in washington and barbara boxer works hard for a title? i'll really go to work to end the arrogance in washington. >> gretchen: is that sense of entitlement what voters are sick and tired of? >> absolutely. nothing symbolized stale, entrenched incouple benefitsy more than barbara boxer dressing down a general for calling her ma'am. people are tired of that and, in fact, barbara boxer fighting very hard for her own job. she hasn't fought for the jobs of the people of california and it's time for her to go. people can help us by going to the web site, carly for we can use everyone's help. thank you so much. >> gretchen: carly, the republican candidate for senator in california. thank you for being our guest. disaster at the air show, a plane loses power, crashes and bursts into flames and that
8:20 am
pilot is about to escape alive. then the victoria secret angels are here and guess where the boys are? yep. first in line. getting all scented up. >> brian: we're in a competition coming up. >> gretchen: all right. go for it.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> peter: good news, america. victoria secret models are crisscrossing the country to launch their new fragrance, today they're going to put us to the test. can we determine the ingredients that make it smell so very, very special? time to meet our guests. >> peter: that's right.
8:24 am
here they are, they join us live. good morning. >> good morning. >> brian: they're "fox & friends" veterans. >> peter: i know. what is bombshell supposed to smell like? what does that mean? >> bombshell is supposed to smell like a very strong, sexy woman and it helps you exceed that. >> brian: a strong sexy sensual woman. let's go over the bombshell. we're going to try to identify the four ingredients in it. is that correct? >> peter: that is correct. let me put some of this stuff out here. i'll pretend i'm working has bloomingdales. we come up with four things. >> gretchen: we don't know what the choices are? >> peter: no. >> gretchen: it's not multiple choice? >> no.
8:25 am
>> the first note is in the brazilian rain forest, it's very sweet and very sexy scent. >> peter: the second one? >> beautiful flower, very romantic, delicate flower that lots of women like to have at their weddings and it's very fresh. >> gretchen: i know! >> this flower adds a sweetness and sensuality of the warmth, all women love the smell. it's very sweet. >> peter: and? >> beautiful. >> peter: allall right. thank you. >> brian: you know the answers, right? >> peter: we will see what you think. >> gretchen: the fruit, i said pineapple. >> peter: i said apple. >> wrong. >> brian: nectarine. the second one? >> peter: i said vanilla. the flower.
8:26 am
>> rose. >> i said orchid. >> poeny. >> peter: the final one? >> i said lavender. >> brian: i said clover. >> gretchen: i said olive oil. >> peter: i said red wine. >> brian: no wonder it's a bombshell. these are the ingredients i would have picked, just not on this quiz. this is really exciting for america. is it true that you're traveling together on a bus? >> yes. we are. we start our tour in los angeles, miami who knows how to get everywhere? who has gps, because you're not from the country. you're discovering america on the fly? >> i've been here working for victoria secret for ten years. it's nothing new. >> gretchen: she knows her way. you hang out with her, you'll be just fine.
8:27 am
>> peter: does it say bombshell on the outside of the bus? >> yes. >> brian: all you need is their picture. enough said. >> peter: it smells like vanilla and pine and passion fruit. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> peter: time to put on your wings. >> brian: and sadly the truth is out about the brand-new fragrance. >> gretchen: ladies, thank you very much. coming up, he is no expert, but he plays one on tv and now apparently on capitol hill. should america take steven colbert seriously? we'll ask chris wallace of fox news sunday. >> peter: a judge orders the imam behind the ground zero mosque to pay up. why he's facing thousands of dollars in fines in new jersey. >> brian: then the debate in the desert gets a little too hot. cameras roll as two women fight one man over two people. sharron angle and harry reid, we have the details.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> pump it again! and open cross. >> steve: this is from yesterday's "fox & friends." i'm sure taking it all in with great relish and mustard as well, chris, what do you think of the dancing skills of brian kilmeade? >> brian, i have a simple question, if the producers asked you to put on a clown suit, is
8:32 am
there anything you wouldn't do? >> brian: chris, i've had this job for 13 years. and there is a reason. there is a very good -- >> that's a very good answer. >> brian: you know what i mean? if it encourages people this weekend to say, i know i'm a better dancer than him, then i've helped america. >> steve: chris, are you saying if you had professional cheerleaders on your show, on fox news sunday, and they wanted you to dance, you wouldn't dance with them? of course you would. >> brian: why are we showing this? >> gretchen: no, he wouldn't. >> it's pathetic. >> gretchen: in brian's defense, he had about a three second lesson and they didn't show him the open cross. >> brian: they threw the open cross it. >> gretchen: it's a move they threw in at the last minute. >> let me say, gretchen, that wasn't the problem. >> steve: all right. >> can i ask you one question, brian? did it bother you that all of those models, the victoria
8:33 am
secret models were so much taller than you were? >> brian: it does bother me a little. but i will say this, the heels were close to the size of my body. they were -- basically they were on stilts. >> barefoot, they still tower over you? >> brian: it didn't bother them, though. i think they were all impressed by me. >> gretchen: why do you think i had him stand next to them. let's move to steven colbert because we've got a really serious guy who is coming up to testify on illegal immigration this morning. are we supposed to take this seriously? couldn't we have found somebody who has a little more experience in illegal immigration, a very controversial, serious debate in our society? >> one thing i heard, i don't know if this is true or not, but somewhere i read he was going to testify in character. he was not going to testify as a real person. >> gretchen: that's even more ridiculous. >> i mean, really. if there was anything that said, let's throw everybody out of congress, this sounds like a pretty good advertisement for
8:34 am
it. >> gretchen: thank you. >> no, i fail to see the humor and i fail to understand why we're wasting our dollars on something that gives him publicity. >> gretchen: wow. i found a friend in chris wallace. thank you. >> brian: one congressman says this subcommittee has not had one serious conversation about illegal immigration and the one they were supposed to have is kicked off by colbert. >> it gives more attention to the issue because they have this publicity stunt. it says something about us in the media. >> steve: all right. serious debate, we've been hearing the democrats in the white house saying you're going to have your middle class tax cuts by the end of the year and before the election and now we understand that apparently the democrats are going to punt and what they're going to do is they're not going to bring it up for a vote before the midterms. what's going on there? >> well, what's going on, and it's fascinating because it seemed like it was a reasonably good issue for -- if you believe the polls for the democrats to
8:35 am
be able to say, look, we're going to put out a middle class tax cut. let's have everybody vote on that and one assumes the democrats would vote for it. a lot of republicans who want to extend the bush tax cuts for everybody would vote against it and they could say, we care about the middle class and they care about wealthy people. the interesting thing is they have such deinfections in their ranks as so many democrats in the house and in the senate who don't like the idea of raising taxes on anyone in the middle of this very weak recovery, i was going to say recession, but in the middle of a weak recovery, that there was going to be a split in the ranks. it seems to me, it's a pretty good argument about they elected these huge majorities in the house and senate. the american people did, of democrats, and they can't even pass a tax cut for the middle class and they're going to have to come back for a lame duck session. think about that, what happens if we have a big republican majority taking over in the house and/or the senate and now you have the old democratic
8:36 am
majority letting a variety of things in a lame duck session after the election? that would really -- if people were disgusted with washington that, would really push them over the edge. >> gretchen: there could be a lot of sore losers who are going to vote in a different way then they might have before. >> they have nothing to lose. >> gretchen: let's talk about who is coming up on your show this sunday because you have got some exclusive action. >> yeah. well, thank you. i think we have some exclusive action, too. we're going to be talking -- you like that, brian? >> brian: i do. >> okay. i'm glad they're playing the full screen there. we're going to talk to john wayneer and mccarthy. the author of the pledge to america, john boehner, the house minority leader. he will be the next speaker if republicans take over control of the house and then steny hoyer will do everything he can to keep boehner out. we'll get his reaction to the pledge to america exclusive action only on fox news sunday.
8:37 am
>> steve: we pledge to watch this sunday. check your local listings for show time. chris wallace, thank you very much. have a fantastic weekend. >> thank you. you know, you guys never surprise -- you never fail to surprise me. >> gretchen: i know. we're glad to keep you on your toes. >> you keep me on my toes. thank you, brian. >> gretchen: we have to do a couple quick headlines for friday. the i. ma'am who wants to build a mosque near ground zero order to do pay over an apartment building he owns. a judge says he must reimburse new jersey nearly $15,000 after it had to station a police officer outside his building because of a broken fire alarm. rauf has until october 9 to fix 200 code violations, including bed bugs. >> steve: hire the beagle. the 19060s -- 1960s radical who haunted president obama's campaign has been denied emerit
8:38 am
emeritus status. leading the charge to strip the honor is christopher kennedy, the son of the late senator robert f. kennedy. he's upset because ayers wrote a book dedicated to the man who assassinated bobby kennedy. he once worked with president obama on a school reform initiative. that's him right there in chicago. >> brian: lindsay lohan heads to court. that will be later today. how many times have i read that first sentence over the last two years? tmz reports she's expected to walk out a free woman. word is she'll post bond and face the music essentially justice, after her latest failed drug test. according to the report, she will be released because l.a. has crowded prisons. it turns out there are other people there already. >> gretchen: tempers flaired during an election forum, but not between the candidates. supporters of senator harry reid and challenger sharron angle began fighting at the end of the
8:39 am
forum. a reid supporter says she was pushed and her friend punched when they tried to leave. nobody was arrested. but before the brawl, the candidates made their cases to voters. >> just understand we're not going to change nevada. we don't want to. we are the tourist mecca of the united states. >> first thing as your senator, i would do is call for the repeal of obamacare. >> gretchen: angle was at the event, but reid's comments were taped. >> steve: meanwhile, let's take a look. the water is already chest high in some places and more is on the way. another day of heavy rain and flooding is expected in parts of minnesota and wisconsin where high water chased 400 families out of their homes. three to five inches of rainfallen so far. people say they're expecting the conditions to worsen. look at that. they're traveling on air boats up there. it is a rainy morning in portions of wisconsin and the great state of minnesota at this hour.
8:40 am
thunderstorms from lake michigan right down through the central mississippi and missouri valley, down through the rio grande valley of texas. otherwise for the most part, things are dry across the u.s. on this friday. that's your weather. >> brian: we're not done yet, are we? >> steve: we've got 20 more minutes. >> brian: let's do something. president obama offered another olive branch to iran yesterday. how did that go over? ahmadinejab responded by saying, i accept? no. 9-11, an inside job. we blew up our own building. what's the president's next move? our move is to call peter johnson, jr. >> gretchen: the drug enforcement agency cracking down harder now, this time moving into your medicine cabinet. >> steve: let's look at what's coming up this weekend on "fox & friends." >> good morning. what was that? i was thinking about getting that lasik eye surgery, where they remove part of your eye and do something funky. new scary information about lasik surgery. our medical a team this weekend is going to explain why the
8:41 am
risks may far outweigh the benefits. >> meanwhile, we're going to tell you about the surprising baby hazards that may be lurking in your own home. we'll tell you what you need to know to keep your child safe. that's this weekend on "fox & friends." we'll see you tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. eastern.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> brian: new york city corrections officer who has been homeless, assaulted, rob is seeing a brighter side of life. he just hit the new york lottery for $54 million. wow. and dramatic video of a stunt plane crashing and burning during an air show in indonesia.
8:45 am
amazingly, the pilot survived, but he is in intensive care. steve? >> steve: and he is live. earlier this week, fox's own peter johnson, jr. looked ahead to the u.n. general assembly going on right now and talked about the iranian president and his appearance there. listen to this. >> it will be interesting to see how the president responds. will we walk out when we hear this kind of nonsense? will we speak out? i urge and i think a lot of americans urge, that we walk out, that we speak out, and that we respond in a way that reasserts american exceptionalism and american dominance in the world. >> steve: you know what? the u.s. delegation yesterday walked out. now both president obama and ahmadinejab have made their cases in front of the u.n. general assembly. fox news legal guy, peter johnson, jr., who had a great suggestion earlier in the week for the delegation joins us live. >> i'm glad they did it. it's the right thing to do, but it's only the beginning.
8:46 am
and to say that this is a mad man and a crazy person that you can't take him seriously, take him seriously because he has nuclear weapons. take him seriously when he ignores to four or five u.n. sanction orders about enriching uranium. take iran seriously based on their history. take iran seriously based on his promise to fight all out war. take iran seriously based on his commitment to engage in a big lie about america, about 9-11, about our people, about our association with israel, about jews in the world, his anti-semitism. take that seriously. so what i'm suggesting this morning is it's fine and it's good and it's a good start to walk out, but we need seriously now to look at increased sanctions against iran. people have spoken about, but have not gone forward on this. we need to consider the
8:47 am
limitation or ban of importation and exportation of refined petroleum products to iran. >> steve: okay. you mentioned the big lie. if you're just getting up and you didn't see it yesterday, here he is, ahmadinejab has been called many things, tie rant, crazy person, now you can call him a truther as well. >> some segments within the u.s. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining american economy and on the middle east in order to save this regime. the majority of the american people as well as most nations on politicians around the world agree with this view. >> steve: okay. so there you've got this crackpot who says that the united states government was in on 9-11. he has said that the holocaust never happened. but you make a great point. if he gets atomic power, that's the guy with the button. >> what we're seeing now is --
8:48 am
and look at the text of this speech. we've only seen snippets of it. he engages in this islamic rage, condemning the rest of the world. if i am a person in the islamic world and i'm watching al-jazeera or some other network and i see this iranian leader and i'm hearing this and he's reinforcing these myths, these horrible lies about america, about israel, about 9-11, about our place in the world, it creates an atmosphere that is poisonous and dangerous. what we have to understand is that we're failing in this war of words in the world now. the president said the door is open, ahmadinejab slammed the door in his face. how do we respond? do we respond only with words and walk out or do we impose our economic will and economic sanctions to put a noose around this country, call iran to stop them from engaging in the kind
8:49 am
of conduct that we're so fearful of. we really are. >> steve: very good analysis. peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> steve: straight ahead, on this program, there is a new war on drugs and it's the war on drugs in your medicine cabinet. prescription drugs can kill more teens than coke and heroin combined. the acting head of the d.e.a. on what parents can do next. right now billy hemmer with a preview of what's happening in ten minute. >> good morning to you. 14 models from victoria secret coming up. the other 14 that you didn't have on, steve. it is the season for politics and we have a few clips you do not want to miss. politicians shouting on constituents. voters going after voters. you will see it all. congress made a decision on america's tax cuts. don't hold your breath, folks. health care reform already affecting millions. our fox medical a team tells us what you need to know about the plan for your family and whether or not you have to make changes. it's important stuff. see you in ten minutes with martha and me.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> brian: every day 2500 teens use prescription drugs to get high for the first time. even more startling, those prescription pills kill more teens than coke and heroin combined. but is there a way parents can help their kids? >> gretchen: michelle is the acting head of the d.e.a., the drug enforcement agency and she's our guest today. good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> gretchen: we shared those horrible stats. 2500 kids today will start drug. >> 2500 new teens abusing prescription drugs for the first time. >> steve: these are not drugs that have been prescribed to them. these are drugs that are in their medicine chest that mom or dad might have gotten for a broken foot or something like that and peer pressure, they've
8:54 am
heard the stories, i'm going to try one today and so many do. >> that's why we have to do something about it and we have a national take back on tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon, around the country. 4,000 different sites where everybody can empty out their medicine cabinet, go to one of these locations, get those prescription drugs, those expired and unnecessary drugs out of the medicine cabinet. >> brian: that's it. by the way, we'll have all those locations on our web site. but a lot of people are under the impression, if it's in my medicine cabinet, it's not that bad for you. if you buy coke from a guy on the corner, the perception is wrong, isn't it? >> it is wrong. the d.e.a. we're dealing with the columbian, mexican or drug lord. here the supply is the medicine cabinet. over 65% of teens say that they are getting their prescription drugs from a family friend or out of the medicine cabinet.
8:55 am
>> brian: if a cotton ball is out of your prescription medication, you might think maybe your kid is one of knows who are taking it. >> who thinks about counting their medication? and if it's sitting there year after year, some of the take back have shown medications that go back to the early 70s. >> gretchen: they say that they're expired, but apparently they still do the trick for the kid? >> well, they're expired and that's the danger. it's nome about teens, it's also about the elderly. going in to the medicine cabinet and they can mix up the drugs or taking drugs in combination. >> steve: can be a killer. >> definitely is. >> steve: some people mistakenly think, i'm going to dispose of them myself, i'm going it put them down the toilet. that's a problem because it winds up back in our water supply. >> right. study after study has shown there is dangerous with flushing drugs down the toilet. it is ending up in our water supply. the take back is one way that it's free.
8:56 am
it's easy. it's anonymous. you come in and you can get rid of your medication, no questions asked. >> gretchen: that's tomorrow? >> it's tomorrow. 4,000 sites around the country. >> gretchen: stick around because we're going to take a quick break and to find out where you can get that, log on to our web site for those 4,000 locations. we'll be right back with michelle.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> gretchen: we're back with michelle, she's the acting administrator of the drug enforcement agency. we were talking in the break about all this talk in california about legalizing marijuana. your thoughts? >> why would we go down that road? we already have this problem with prescription medication, legal medication, and it also bothers us that if you talk to treatment professionals, they'll tell you more teens enter treatment for marijuana addiction than any other drug and alcohol combined. >> brian: people say it's not. >> it's not safe.

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